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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colon cleansing or a colonic, is a procedure that involves gently rinsing out the colon with water to remove waste and toxins. This therapy has been around for centuries, with evidence of its use dating back to ancient Egypt. In modern times, it has gained popularity as a natural way to improve digestive health and overall well-being. The procedure is performed by a trained and certified professional and will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

 Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Removal of Toxins

  • Boosts Energy

  • Helps with Constipation

  • Detoxes the Liver and Gallbladder

  • Improves Immune System

  • Helps Alleviate Gas & Bloating 

  • Helps Boost Metabolism

  • Reduces Sugar Cravings

  • Helps Flush Out Candida and Parasites

  • Weight Loss

  • Improves Mental Clarity

Okanagan Colonics providing +18 years experience in colon hydrotherapy
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